The Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine will be a recognized premier specialty organization of competent vascular physicians in the Asia-Pacific Region by 2018.
To improve awareness among patients who are at risk or symptomatic of vascular disease and its complications through implementation of comprehensive vascular programs to prevent loss of life or limb.

To provide quality continuing medical education by conducting seminars and conventions among members and other allied medical professionals.

To develop fellowship training program in vascular medicine and its inclusion in the curriculum of medical schools and training hospitals.

To initiate, encourage and support vascular research activities.

To inspire our members to be proactive leaders by providing opportunities for leadership in the society and their respective communities

“Unwavering zest in promoting the highest  standards of practice, education and research”
Conducting updates in the understanding & standards of care
Leading and encouraging members towards self improvement
Provide avenues for intellectual assistance and referrals
Taking pride in each members member’s accomplishment and achievements of the society

“Serbisyong de-kalidad at tapat”
Genuine interest in patient care
Compassion and empathy
Enthusiasm in engaging in educational opportunities
Transparency in our relations with our peers and industry

“Unrelenting pursuit in achieving the goals of the organization”

“Morality is the key to the success of our society”
Ethical practice of profession
Mutual respect among members
To be honest and transparent in all our dealings
To develop/ stimulate intellectual, social and spiritual growth among members