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In preparation for the 20th Annual Convention of the Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine (PSVM), we are now accepting abstracts and manuscripts for the PSVM RESEARCH GRANT for the following categories:  Trainees and PSVM Fellows

Abstract and Manuscript

The abstract and manuscript should be typewritten, saved in PDF format and submitted electronically.  The front title page should not contain the names of the authors and institution.  The following format should be followed:

a.     Use a 12-point Atrial font

b.     The abstract should be written in 300 words or less, with the following sections:  Introduction, Relevance and Implication to Practice and Methodology. It should not contain any tables or figures.

c.     The entire manuscript should contain the Abstract, Literature Review and Relevance of the Study, Clinical Research Question, General and Specific Objectives, Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria, Research Design and Methodology, Implications to Practice, Timetable and References

d.     All background data should be properly referenced.


Each abstract and manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter with the title of the research proposal, all authors and name of institution, with the statement that the paper has been reviewed by the training committee (for trainees). All authors should sign the cover letter. The email address and phone number of the primary author should be provided. The cover letter, abstract and manuscript should be submitted to by July 31, 2023. 


Research proposals submitted by trainees should be co-authored by a PSVM fellow. Trainees can either be a resident, fellow or clinical research fellow in internal medicine, cardiology, vascular medicine or other related specialties and subspecialties.

PSMV Fellow Consultant

Consultants who will submit a research proposal should be a PSVM fellow

Research Topic

The topic should be related to vascular medicine and should be a prospective original research.

Research Completion

The research should be completed by June 30, 2024

Research Presentation

If the research grant is awarded to the study, the results should be presented during the 21st annual convention in October 2024.   The complete manuscript of the completed research should be submitted by July 31, 2024.

Grant Amount

The research grant is in the amount of PHP 60,000.00.  If the study is chosen to be awarded the research grant during the 20th PSVM annual convention in October 2023, the following will be given:

a. 25% of the grant (PHP 15,000.00) will be given as an initial tranche for presenting and winning the protocol, to be given on October 31, 2023.

b. 25% of the grant (PHP 15,000.00) as the second tranche will be given after data collection and analysis is completed.  This should be submitted to the research committee by June 1, 2024.

c. The completed research should be submitted to the research committee by July 31, 2024, with the following included:


   Literature Review and Relevance of the Study

   Research Question and Objectives

   Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

   Methodology and Outcomes

   Statistical Analysis

   Results and Discussion


d. The remaining 50% of the grant (PHP 30,000.00) to be given during the awarding ceremonies of the 21st Annual PSVM convention.

Criteria for Judging

Papers submitted for the research grant will be judged as follows:


Abstract (10%)

  •  Concise and complete presentation of the entire research

Research question and objectives (25%)

  • Completeness of title

  • Clarity of research question

  • Clarity and completeness of the objectives

Background data and relevance of the problem (25%)

  • Data search is exhaustive and recent

  • Significance of the problem

  • Study addresses current issues

  • Contribution of research to Philippine vascular medicine

Study Design and Data analysis (30%)

  • Appropriate study design

  • Complete inclusion and exclusion criteria

  • Appropriate statistical tools and analysis

  • Discussion and analysis of results

  • Appropriate and complete conclusion

Oral presentation (10%)

  • Knowledge of entire research

  • Clarity of presentation

  • Ability to answer questions

Acceptance  of Paper

Only papers with complete submissions will be considered for the PSVM research grant contest.  Authors of accepted papers will be notified through email and personal number

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