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Philippine Message by Lilibeth M. Maravilla, MD,FPCP,FPCC,FPSVM

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine at 16 by Lilibeth M. Maravilla, MD,FPCP,FPCC,FPSVM

The Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine (PSVM) , in her 16 years of existence, has evolved and revolutionized to achieve its

missions, which are to raise awareness among patients who are at risk of developing vascular diseases or those who already have symptoms of vascular disease and its complications. This is accomplished through implementation of a comprehensive vascular programs in the clinics to prevent loss of life or limb, to provide quality continuing medical education by conducting seminars and conventions among members and other allied medical professionals, to develop fellowship training program in vascular medicine and to include lectures on vascular medicine in the curriculum of medical schools, to initiate, encourage and support vascular research activities and to inspire our members to be proactive leaders by providing opportunities for leadership in our society and their respective communities. We take pride in remembering our roots. Our competent and dedicated founder, Dr. Fatima Collado and all the founding members, who have come together to put into life a dream that is bigger than each one of us. Our initial 37-member society of experts in vascular care in their respective communities, have grown exponentially into 137 members to date. The membership has diversified and are now subdivided into different categories: 84 are fellows of the PSVM, who are fellows of the Philippine College of Cardiology and had completed clinical and research fellowship in Vascular Medicine, 10 are associate members, who are the current trainees in Vascular Medicine, 53 are regular members, who are consultants from other subspecialties who became members of the society by invitation, 118 are affiliate members, who are trained and certified vascular technologists performing procedures in the vascular laboratory. The continuous flow of young vascular specialists, who graduated from the five accredited training institutions, namely, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center (PHC)

, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City and in Bonifacio Global City and The Medical City, have made vascular care accessible to more places outside Manila. Figure 1 shows the distribution of Vascular Medicine specialists all over the Philippines. Table 1 shows the lists of Vascular Medicine consultants and their affiliated hospitals.

At 16, the PSVM have adapted various strategies to achieve its three major goals: 1. To be known locally and internationally as an organization with members whose clinical reasoning and technical skills that are at far with international standards, to be able to provide an up-to-date objective-based education for our medical trainees and to pursue advocacies that are of significant impact to the country.

In pursuit of these three goals, the very energetic and innovative Board of Directors of the PSVM have lined up various activities. The last quarter of 2017 was the beginning of the term for the newly elected set of officers and Board of Directors. All eligible fellows of the society were recognized and had their oath taking during the annual convention’s turn over ceremonies and fellowship night at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel last October 26-27, 2017. The first Vascular

Convergence Meeting for this term was hosted by the PHC last November 23, 2017, where a case of Takayasu’s’ Arteritis was presented, followed by an interactive session with the reactors comprised by Dr. Marvin Martinez, a Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgeon and Dr. Therese Eileen Natividad, a Rheumatologist. The 2nd Vascular Convergence was hosted by The Medical City on 22 February 2018, where a case of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Dissection was presented followed by an interactive session, with Dr. Marvin Baluga, a Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgeon as the reactor. The 11th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Atheroslerosis and Vascular Disease was held last February 27-28-March 1, 2018 at the Iloilo Convention Center, for which the PSVM was one of the local

societies that was represented in the organizing committee. The Heart Month celebration by the PHA was observed all over the country. The PSVM took part in the center of the celebration in Bacolod City. A number of PSVM members in various regions participated in the celebration by conducting free clinics and ankle-brachial index screening. The second leg of the objective-based education (OBE) workshop was held in Makati Diamond Residences last March 3-4, 2018. Our speaker and facilitator, Dr. Marivic Villamor, discussed MPL Setting, OSCE and Performance Based

Evaluation and Test Construction.

The first vascular journey for the term was held in Hue Hotel Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan last March 15, 2018. Members of the Board of Directors that included Dr. Alex Junia, Dr. Francisco Maleza, Dr. Rex Palma and Dr. Rosella Arellano and the Vascular Medicine specialist who coordinated the activity, Dr. Gilbert Paa, gave a series of lectures and workshop on the recognition and management of commonly encountered vascular diseases. There was a total of 50

attendees. The last leg of the OBE workshop was held in Bayanihan Center UNILAB last April 21, 2018. Dr. Villamor gave a talk on Rubric Development and facilitated the workshop on creation of a new set of summative and formative evaluation forms on clinical skills, clinical judgement and research. The third Vascular Convergence meeting was hosted by St. Luke’s Medical Center at Bonifacio Global City on April 26,2018. An interesting case of vertebral artery to internal jugular vein arteriovenous fistula secondary to traumatic neck injury. The PSVM was given the privilege of handling the

PHA preconvention symposium last May 22, 2018. The theme was Vascular 101, where the scientific committee,chaired by Dr. Malou De Jesus, featured basic but comprehensive approach in the management of vascular diseases.A total of 187 people attended, which included 107consultants in Vascular Medicine and other specialties, 80 trainees in Cardiology and Vascular Medicine, attended the event. The fourth Vascular Convergence meeting was hosted by Cardinal Santos Medical Center last May 17, 2018. A case of Carotid Artery Disease was discussed, followed by an interactive session with reactors, which included Dr. Rogelio Libarnes, a neurologist and Dr. Florimond Garcia, a vascular surgeon and past president of the PSVM. Following the last leg of the OBE workshop, a 5-member accreditation committee was formed, chaired by Dr. Maribeth De Los Santos. The members include Dr. Diana Jean Roxas, Dr. Marie Simonette Ganzon, Dr. Elma Joy Rivera and Dr. Lilibeth Maravilla.

Below is a list of the upcoming activities of the PSVM until the end of the present term on October 20, 2018:

June 23 onwards: series of accreditation committee meetings

2. July 7: Second Vascular Journey in Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City

3. July, 2018: PAD month

Ankle-Brachial Index Screening in different Regions of the country (Cebu, Bacolod, Southern Tagalog, Northern Luzon, Metro Manila); culminating activity at the Quezon City Circle on July 29, 2018

4. July, 2018: start of pilot testing of the newly designed OBE manual

5. August 18: Third Vascular Journey in Qualimed STR at Nuvali North, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

6. October 18: Thrombosis Summit: PSVM preconvention Symposium at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

7. October 19-20: Annual PSVM Convention

8. October 20: Presentation of the Accreditation Committee output and the result of the pilot testing of the new OBE manual

9. Oct 20: PSVM Fellow’s induction, announcement of the final list of ABVM examinees

President's Report, 2018
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