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President Message by DAVID RAYMUND K. SALVADOR, MD2018-2019

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

RAYMUND K. SALVADOR, MD2018-2019 Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine DAVID RAYMUND K. SALVADOR, MD 2018-2019

THE PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL REPORT The following were the activities of the Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine during the term of office of Dr.David Raymund K. Salvador: Induction of the New Batch of Officers and Board of Trustees, October 20, 2018 Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Mandaluyong City. President: David Raymund K. Salvador, MD Vice-President: Rosella S. Arellano, MD Secretary: Francisco G. Maleza, Jr. Treasurer: Jonathan James G. Bernardo, MD Immediate Past President: Lilibeth M. Maravilla, MD Board of Trustees: Marilou T. De Jesus, MD Alex T. Junia, MD Melissa B. Bernardo, MD Elma Joy B. Rivera, MD Elaine B. Alajar, MD Rex Vener P. Palma, MD Inducting Officer: Fatima R. Collado, MD World Thrombosis Day Celebration, in collaboration with the Asian Cardiovascular Institute, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, October 22-25, 2019. (Aired on TV5, Alagang Kapatid, November 3, 2018). Lay Symposium Venous Thromboembolism - Leanne Zuniega, MD Peripheral Artery Disease - Laurencia Trinchera, MD Lymphedema - Maria Teresa Abola, MD Diseases of the Aorta - David Raymund Salvador, MD Ankle-Brachial Index Screening - Dolores Quianzon, MD Endovascular Aortic Repair Screening Signatory to the Philippine Heart Association Position Statement “In Support of Senate Bill 1896 October 10, 2018 version”, An Act Instituting Universal Health Care for All Filipinos, Prescribing Reforms in the Health Care System, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes. The Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine was a signatory to this Position Statement, which was published in the Philippine Star on November 15, 2018. RE-VISIONING: Vision Clarification and Goal Setting Workshop and Christmas Party, Holiday Inn, Makati, December 15-16, 2018. Facilitator: Marcial Orlando A. Balgos, Jr. PhD The past presidents, current officers and members of the Board of Trustees of PSVM gathered together to revisit and revise the Mission-Vision of the Society and to plan its future strategies and activities. New VISION Statement: The Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine will be recognized as a premier specialty society of competent physicians delivering excellent vascular care to patients. New MISSION Statement: The PSVM is a dynamic society of compassionate, committed, competent and ethical vascular physicians, which: Promotes awareness among patients who are at risk or symptomatic of vascular disease, and its complications through implementation of comprehensive vascular programs to prevent loss of life or limb Provides quality continuing medical education by conducting seminars and conventions among members and other allied medical professionals Develops fellowship training program in vascular medicine Works for the inclusion of vascular medicine in the curriculum of medical schools and training hospitals Initiates, encourages and supports vascular research activities Inspires our members to be proactive leaders by providing opportunities for leadership in the Philippine society and the international community. New Goals Set for 2019: 20% increase in net revenue 20% increase in attendance in conferences and scores in post-test evaluation during conferences Increase the number of corporate sponsors from 6 to 8 Increase the number of institutional training programs from 5 to 6 The following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Society were identified: STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 1. Majority of members are cardiologists, with majority being board-certified by PCC 2. Active collaboration with and recognition of international vascular societies 3. Locally recognized subspecialty society of the PHA 4. Organized training program 5. Existing partnership with industry 6. Provider of continuing education of physicians and vascular technologists 1. Small number of members 2. Lack of interest of some members 3. Lack of board certification 4. Lack of vascular laboratory accreditation 5. Lack of existing policies with other specialties 6. Lack of program for sustainability 1. Government agency assistance (for research, patients) is available 2. Increasing trend of vascular diseases 3. Expansion of retail and BPO industries 4. Declaration by DOH of various weeks or months as dedicated to particular diseases 5. Availability of social media vehicle as information channel 6. 80% of sin taxes will go to DOH budget for disease awareness and treatment 7. PWD Law provides discounts for consultations and other benefits for patients 1. Non-inclusion of needed medication in the Philippine National drug Formulary law leads to limited access of drugs to Philhealth patients 2. Migration of vascular technologists 3. Lack of government policies pertaining to vascular cases 4. Low HMO rates Non-inclusion of certain vascular diagnosis on Philhealth ICD-10 5. Lack of access to knowledge and advanced care because of geographical difficulties 6. Competition from other specialties (VM overlaps with other specialties) 7. Lack of research funding 8. High cost of technological advances The following identified strategies and the subsequent measures attained were the following: STRATEGIES (Opportunities and Strengths) MEASURES Partner with DOH to conduct 1 basic vascular lecture quarterly in regions where there are vascular specialists 6 Vascular Journeys (Baguio, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Cebu, Iloilo, Zamboanga)Partner with the DOH in providing one vascular doppler per provincial hospital and conducting lectures on recognition/prognostication based on patients profile and the doppler result Feasibility still under review Creation of the DVT awareness month Vein Health Awareness Campaign, August 27, 2019, Vista Mall Taguig. Possible Vein Health Awareness Day in 2020 Partner with DOH, MRT/LRT management, MTRCB to initiate a vascular health campaign using ads in public places Under review Create a video presentation to promote vascular health in televisions placed in strategic areas in private hospitals Concept planned; for actual video shooting. Members involved: Drs. Marilou De Jesus and Rex Vener Palma Partner with pharma industries to promote vascular health by conducting bi annual lectures to special populations - teachers, industrial patients Vein Health Awareness Campaign, August 27, 2019, Vista Mall Taguig Conduct annual convention 16th PSVM Annual Convention, October 10-11, 2019, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel Establish a training program in Chong Hua Hospital Cebu Application forwarded. Hospital visit done. Recommendations given. Creation of Philippine chapter of (American) Society for Vascular Medicine Under consultation STRATEGIES (Opportunities and Weaknesses) MEASURES Cascade detailed updates of the PSVM activities - CME, meetings, advocacies - and involve each member to be part of the different project task force using social media Sharing of activities and projects through Viber artner with the government laboratory accrediting agency to provide vascular laboratory accreditation in hospitals Subject to outcome of the pending DOH-FDA Administrative Order STRATEGIES (Strengths and Threats) MEASURES Invite Filipino vascular technologist who are working in tertiary hospitals abroad to lecture during annual convention, workshops Invitations sent Collaborate with PHA to increase PSVM exposure , apart from the lecture session, on the 2019 Asia Pacific Congress and other international and local meetings Booth space in the APSC STRATEGIES (Weaknesses and Threats) MEASURES Meet with Philippine Society of Ultrasound to discuss criteria for credentialing vascular ultrasound readers DOH-FDA ruling Create a PSVM task force - who will study ICD-10 and identify listed diseases that are related to a vascular diagnosis,their corresponding Philhealth coverage and to disseminate the final list to PSVM members Task force head assigned - Dr. Jenny Beltran, still under study Provide a vascular training course - online classes followed by hands-on workshop to nurses and radiology technologists De La Salle University Medical Center, Dasmarinas, Cavite agreed. Accessibility issues, DOH-FDA ruling Increase the number of PSVM vascular journey 4/year 6 Vascular Journeys (Baguio,Pampanga, Pangasinan, Cebu, Iloilo, Zamboanga) Create a PSVM Atlas of Peripheral Vascular Disease, My First Vascular Book for sale Collection of cases; Editorial Board still to be identified Vascular Session at the Philippine College of Physicians 49th Annual Convention, SMX Convention Center, May 7, 2019 Speakers: Dr. Elaine B. Alajar - Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Dr. Frederick Allen L. Fuentes - Asymptomatic Carotid Bruit Dr. Erwin O. Ybanez - The Threatened Limb Dr. Gertie May B. Plameras - The Swollen Limb The Vascular Consensus, 2019, Pan Pacific Hotel, Manila, May 19, 2019 The Task Force for the Update of the Consensus on Vascular Criteria was created and composed of previous resource speakers on vascular ultrasound criteria, past PSVM presidents, current members of the PSVM board, representatives of the different training institutions and other members of PSVM. Task Force members came from different parts of the Philippines, representing its three major island groups namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The document is presently undergoing editorial revisions. Task Force for the Update of the Consensus on Vascular Criteria Members: ARTERIAL: Dr. Ma. Teresita Palamine;

Dr. Marilou De Jesus; Dr. Elma Joy Rivera CAROTID: Dr. Maria Teresa Abola; Dr. Lilibeth Maravilla; Dr. Patricio Palmes; Dr. Richie Gay Limbungan CAROTID STENTING: Dr. Marie Simonette Ganzon; Dr. Flordeliz Lontok TCD: Dr. Ma. Cristina San Jose; Dr. Myra Canlas INFRAINGUINAL: Dr. Frederick Fuentes; Dr. Jeffrey Mendoza VENOUS: Dr. Alex Junia; Dr. Melissa Bernardo; Dr. Judy Fortinez AORTA: Dr. Elaine Alajar; Dr. Maribel Tanque; Dr. Gina Alemany; Dr. Marie Cris Pahinag RENAL DUPLEX SCAN: Dr. Jonathan James Bernardo; Dr. Francisco Maleza,Jr. HEMODIALYSIS ACCESS: Dr. Jenny Beltran; Dr. Rex Vener Palma; Dr. Roselyn Cataylo EDITORIAL: Dr. David Raymund Salvador, Dr. Rosella Arellano, Dr. Greggy Panga Support For The Sin Tax Bill, Press Conference at Annabel’s Restaurant, January 18, 2019 PSVM Representative: Dr. Jonathan James G. Bernardo Hearing at the Senate of the Philippines, June 3, 2019, PSVM Representative: Dr. David Raymund K. Salvador Board Meetings January 13, 2019 - F1 Hotel, BGC March 17, 2019 - F1 Hotel, BGC May 18, 2019 - Pan Pacific Hotel Manila July 7, 2019 - Makati Diamond Residences September 22, 2019 - Heat, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel October 3, 2019 - Via Mare, St. Luke’s BGC Vascular Journeys Cebu City - June 15, 2019, Seda Hotel Pharmaceutical Partner: Servier, Phils Number of Attendees: 143 Pangasinan - June 21, 2019, The Monarch Hotel, Calasiao Pharmaceutical Partner: Corbridge Number of Attendees: 76 Zamboanga City - July 13, 2019, Palacio Del Sur Pharmaceutical Partner: Corbridge Number of Attendees: 104 Baguio - September 13, 2019, Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital, Pharmaceutical Partner: GDM Philippines Number of Attendees: 70 Pampanga - September 26, 2019, Kingsborough International Convention Center Pharmaceutical Partner: Biomedis Number of Attendees: 123 Iloilo - September 27, 2019, Park Inn Hotel, SM City Iloilo Pharmaceutical Partner: Bayer, Phils Number of Attendees: 127 Vascular Convergence St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, March 7, 2019 Topic: Acute Limb Ischemia Following a Massive Bee Envenomation, “Sweet But Deadly” Presentors: Dr. Gladdays Napigkit and Dr. Renelene Macabeo Philippine Heart Center, September 19, 2019 Topic: When It Rains, It Pours . . .” Presentors: Dr. Muriel Morilla, Dr. Irene D. Patiño and Dr. Vanessa Yu PAD Awareness Day National Celebrations, SM Bacolod City, July 21, 2019 PSVM members spearheaded ABI screenings, lay fora and various other activities in their respective hospitals and localities to increase awareness for peripheral artery disease. The Medical City - July 19, 2019 Philippine Heart Center - July 20, 2019 Antipolo SportsHub - July 21, 2019 Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center Cardinal Santos Medical Center - July 24, 2019 Davao City Hall - July 25, 2019 Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center - July 23, 2019 St. Luke’s Medical Center, QC - July 26, 2019 Northside Doctors Hospital, Ilocos Sur City Mall, Tarlac City Makati Medical Center West Metro Medical Center - July 28, 2019 Mary Mediatrix Medical Center Asian Hospital and Medical Center - July 29, 2019 Metropolitan Medical Center Manila Doctors Hospital De La Salle University Medical Center - July 30, 2019 Daniel Mercado Medical Center Qualimed Medical Center West Visayas State University - August 9, 2019 Ospital ng Makati - August 12, 2019 Tacloban City - September 26, 2019 Others: Ilocos Norte, Commonwealth Hospital, De Los Santos Medical Center, Tuguegarao City Vein Health Awareness Campaign, Vista Mall, Taguig City, August 27, 2019 The first Vein Health Awareness Campaign was a collaboration of PSVM with the City Health Department of Taguig and Servier Philippines. Educational lay fora, group exercises and free medical consultations were part of the day’s activity. Technical Committee Meeting on the Creation of a Technical Working Group to Formulate the Rules and Regulation of the Use of Ultrasound Devices and Operation of Ultrasound Facilities in the Philippines PSVM was invited to this meeting and was recognized as a society of specialists involved in the use of ultrasound. The committee was mandated to formulate the rules and regulation of ultrasound use by the Department of Health-Food and Drug Administration. First Meeting: August 19, 2019, Department of Health, Sta. Cruz, Manila (Note: PSVM was not informed of this meeting) ? Second Meeting: September 6, 2019, Philippine Heart Center, Quezon City ? Attendees: Dr. Marie Simonette Ganzon and Dr. Rosella Arellano ? Third Meeting: October 4, 2019, National Kidney and Transplant Institute ? Attendees: Dr. David Raymund Salvador and Dr. Rosella Arellano ? The General Requirements as to the proposed issuance as agreed upon by the body: ? All medical procedures using ultrasound should be medically justified. 1 All requests for an ultrasound procedure should be signed by a qualified physician. 2 Ultrasound procedures for the sole purpose of getting keepsake images and determination of the sex of the fetus are forbidden. 3 Ultrasound machines/devices should be operated by qualified/competent users. ? Qualifications and competence of users/operators and the head of each type of ultrasound facilities were discussed. (Relevant medical societies such as PSVM were consulted regarding qualification standards). ? The use of Ultrasound in Vascular Medicine as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool was recognized. Vascular Medicine (Diagnostic) Head of Ultrasound Facility Reader Users/Operators FPSVM (Philippine Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiography) FPSVM/Graduates of Clinical Research Fellowship in Vascular Medicine FPSVM/Graduates of Clinical Research Fellowship in Vascular Medicine; RRT Vascular Medicine (Therapeutic) Head of Ultrasound Facility Users/Operators FPSVM FPSVM/Graduates of Clinical Research Fellowship in Vascular Medicine ? The TWG came up with a draft transitory provision for the Administrative Order, acknowledging the challenge of the practice of using ultrasound device across different fields and specialties: ? For existing facilities: Paramedical personnel registered with the Professional Regulation Commission currently acting as an US operator are required to present a certificate signed by both the head of the ultrasound section and the head of the health care facility attesting to his/her competence to perform the listed US procedures with the document duly notarized. 1 For new facilities: Effective immediately only RRTs will be allowed to operate ultrasound machines in addition to qualified physician. However, if within three years no RRT would be available for employment as a sonographer, then other allied paramedical professionals duly registered with the PRC with the appropriate training certification shall be allowed, subject to submission of appropriate documents, including a duly notarized certification that no RRT was available for employment by the facility. The different medical societies concerned were informed that the above provisions would be submitted to the legal team of the Department of Health-Food and Drug Administration for review prior to promulgation and implementation. Committee on Fellowship Training Accreditation Visits Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu City - April 9, 2019 St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City - July 7, 2019 Cardinal Santos Medical Center - August 31, 2019 Philippine Heart Center - September 7, 2019 St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City - September 11, 2019 The Medical City Committee on Fellowship Training Accreditation Chair: Maribeth Delos Santos, MD Members: Diane Jean Roxas, MD Marie Simonette Ganzon, MD Lilibeth Maravilla, MD Elma Joy Rivera, MD Lower Extremity Vascular Disease Registry (LEGS Registry) There is no current data regarding the prevalence of peripheral vascular diseases, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) among Filipino adults presenting at the outpatient clinic with lower extremity symptoms and signs. Information regarding who among these patients have PAD or CVD will provide data on the burden of disease, clinical profile of patients and treatment practices. The general objective of the registry is to determine the profile of patients and the prevalence of PAD based on a claudication questionnaire and ankle-brachial index (ABI) and CVD based on a CVD questionnaire or both in patients with lower extremity symptoms and signs. The registry had a soft launching on August 14, 2019 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel and was disseminated to the entire PSVM membership during the 16th Annual Convention at the Edsa Shangri-La on October 10, 2019. Scientific Committee Lilibeth Maravilla, MD Elaine Alajar, MD Marjorie Obrado, MD Jonathan James Bernardo, MD Rex Vener Palma, MD Steering Committee David Raymund Salvador, MD Rosella Arellano, MD Francisco Maleza, Jr. MD Marilou De Jesus, MD Alex Junia, MD Melissa Bernardo, MD Elma Joy Rivera, MD Maribel Tanque, MD Technical Advisory Board Felix Eduardo Punzalan, MD Eddieson Gonzales, MD Ace Samson, MD 16th Annual PSVM Convention, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, October 10-11, 2019 Total Number of Attendees: 416 (Doctors: 229, Vascular Technicians: 187) Newly Inducted Members Doctors: Dr. Byron Claude Roxas Dr. Valerie Bumatay Dr. Christian Rico Como Dr. Marie Fe Ranada Dr. Jackie Lyn Francisco Dr. Marvin Gabule Dr. Ralph Carandang Dr. Gladdays Napigkit Dr. Renelene Macabeo Vascular Technicians: Jessica Mai Anne Cenon Angelique Tenorio Emma Ruth Hernandez Ana Margarita Roque Emma Divina Gracia Daileg Rizza Khristine Criste Newly Inducted Fellows Dr. Jeffrey Mendoza Dr. Maria Leonora Mendoza Dr. Rhia Joy Dayrit Dr. Ramil Macapagal Dr. Ciara Kirstine Lasaca Dr. Neil Wayne Salces Dr. Jeremy Winson Lu Dr. Greggy Panga Dr. Michelle Andrea Uy-Reyes Dr. Neva Jean Reloj Dr. Lea Arceli Porciuncula Dr. Edwin Pureza Dr. Emmanuel Lantican New Goals Attained for 2019 Based on the targets set at the start of the year, the following goals were met as follows: ? 20% increase in net revenue: ? 2018: P504,525.00 1 2019: P620, 835.00 2 % increase: 23% ? 20% increase in attendance in conferences and scores in post-test evaluation during conferences ? 15th Annual Convention, 2018: 293 1 16th annual Convention, 2019: 416 2 % increase: 42% ? Increase the number of corporate sponsors from 6 to 8; Increase of noncorporate sponsors from 7 to 11 ? Corporate Sponsors for 2019 ? Corbridge 1 Pfizer 2 LRI-Therapharma 3 Servier 4 Otsuka 5 Boehringer-Ingelheim 6 Dexa Medica (New) 7 Sanofi Phils. (New) ? Non-corporate Sponsors for 2019 ? Aspen 1 Astra 2 Bayer 3 Biosolutions 4 Natrapharm 5 Quantum Care 6 Medev 7 Folares Pharma 8 Sigvaris Meyer 9 LabAsia 10 Felnor Trust/Citibank ? Increase the number of institutional training programs from 5 to 6 ? Philippine heart Center 1 St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City 2 St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City 3 Cardinal Santos Medical Center 4 The Medical City ? Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu City (Application Pending) Membership As of October 11, 2019, the total membership of PSVM is 305. ? Doctor Members: 152 Fellows: 111 Non-Fellows: 41 ? Vascular Technicians: 153

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