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Our society, the PSVM, has been growing tremendously in the past years. And by growth, I do not only mean that we have increasing number of members,

but mainly, we have been adding to the growth of the practice of vascular medicine in our country. In the past few years alone, we have been disseminating basic and up-to-date knowledge of vascular medicine and shared very interesting cases through different CME venues such as the Vascular Journey, Vascular Convergence, and annual conventions. Through the efforts of Dr. Tess Abola, along with other members of our society, we have been part of the Asia Pacific PAD Consensus panel and contributed to this milestone. The COVID-19 pandemic was like throwing a wrench in the cogwheels of society, but this did not stop or even slow us down. We came up with the VTE Prophylaxis Guidelines for COVID patients, and even accredited a new institution for Vascular Medicine training, the Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City. All of these achievements, not to mention our other significant accomplishments since 2002, could only have been possible if not for the prolificacy and dynamicity of our members. We are a conglomeration of so much individual talents combined with an unselfish desire to share them for the greater good of others.

Because of our passion for Vascular Medicine, we can only expect more in the years ahead of us. We, your Board of Trustees, are tasked to prepare the road for this journey. For us to be able to steer all of the talent and energy towards one direction, we have to solidify the structure of our organization. By adapting and creating a structure that is even more sound, we will be able to maximize our efforts and create more achievements one alongside another. We implore you all, our members, to contribute in any capacity to this growth. Your small investments of time and sacrifice will be multiplied exponentially as our society grows even more.

At this point, everyone in the PSVM has already played his or her part for us to be where we are right now. For this we are already grateful. Maraming salamat po sa inyo. However, the road ahead is still long, and the future, unknown. Our trailblazers are already lighting up a path. Let us all follow as one.

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