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President Message by Dra. Laurencia Trinchera, MD

by Dra. Laurencia Trinchera, MD

Dear Colleagues,

We are Turning Crystal!

I would like to begin by inviting every one to take a look at the history of the organization.

The Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine was established in 2002. The Society was founded by a very small group of

men and women with a very strong passion in making the field of Vascular Medicine become a part of a Cardiology and

Internal Medicine Doctor’s every day practice. During the last 15 years, the Society has grown to about 115 doctor

members and 100 vascular technicians and has achieved both national and international recognition. It has made

important contributions in increasing the awareness of the different specialties of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics

to vascular diseases and its diagnosis and management.

As Dr. Samuel Goldhaber, current AHA president, said in his address to the American Heart Association, Vascular

Medicine goes beyond peripheral arterial disease. At present it’s scope has expanded to include peripheral arterial

disease, critical limb ischemia, acute limb ischemia, wound healing, and it also encompasses diseases of the aorta,

inflammatory diseases of the blood vessels, and it includes pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis and

lymphedema. Disorders of the arterial, venous and lymphatic vasculature greatly contributes to patient morbidity and

mortality. Indeed, vascular medicine is truly a multidisciplinary specialty.

In celebration of the PSVM’s 15th year anniversary this year, we are excited to invite everyone with an interest in the

discipline of Vascular Medicine to join us in our upcoming activities. We will also feature the men and women leaders

behind PSVM. In the meantime, register and log-in as we will keep you updated of the Society’s programs.

Laurencia Trinchera, MD


Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine

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