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The journey continues in the midst of the pandemic

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Author : Dr. Elaine Alajar

For several years, the Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine has embarked on a national journey to promulgate awareness on common vascular diseases, its prevalence, diagnosis and management by conducting a series of lectures packed in a day - the VASCULAR JOURNEY. Local vascular specialists, officers and board members of the society come together in various areas of the Philippine Archipelago for one objective - education and camaraderie with colleagues.

These seminars highlight topics such as VTE Prophylaxis, Diagnosis and Management, Chronic Peripheral Arterial Disease and Acute Limb Ischemia, Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection and Sponsor-initiated CMEs. This year, the journey commenced in Laoag last February 15 through the help of the PHA chapter president Dr Ellen Morales-Palomares and lectures were delivered by Dr. Maricris Pahinag, Dr. Rosella Arellano and Dr. Elaine Alajar. For the first time, various wound types and wound care were discussed by Dr. Ramon Ribu and Dr. Leslie Asuncion, respectively. A wet clinic was also conducted on performing an ankle-brachial index and out-patient wound debridement.

PSVM officers with Dr.Ramon Ribu and gracious doctors from Laoag.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, members of the society were no longer able to travel and conduct these journeys. But due to our strong desire to continue our advocacy to spread the word on vascular diseases, we pushed through with these journeys through virtual learning. The next vascular journey was held on August 28 in Tacloban through the coordination of Dr. Belen Balagapo and lectures were given by Dr. Rosella Arellano, Dr. Francisco Maleza and Dr. Rex Palma.

This was followed by Cebu on September 18 with assistance from Dr. Elaine Gallardo and lectures delivered by Dr. Marian Siguenza, Dr. Ciara Lasaca and Dr. Barbra Destajo. The final journey for the year was held in Northwestern Mindanao last November 21 through the help of Dr. Weng Rocha and Dr. Marvin Gabule, and lectures conducted by Dr. Marife Mejias, Dr. Kathy Ligas and Dr. Maria Teresita Palamine-Ebarle. The virtual Vascular Journey proved to be a success with more attendees than expected, allowing a wider net to be cast. Pandemic or no pandemic, the Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine will continue on this journey of continuing medical education and we look forward to reach more areas in the coming years.

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